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Letter: Veterans deserve better treatment

Goldstream News Gazette - 9/20/2018

I am appalled to hear about the way we treat our veterans.

Today on the news shows another disservice to these heroes, by denying funding for service dogs. The Federal government shells out millions of dollars in foreign aid, immigration and many other causes, including costly WW1 memorial services and monuments. Agreed, these matters require attention and honouring the dead is important. But not at the expense of living veterans.

Our veterans have defended and served our great country with loss of life, limbs and physiological strength and suicides. These people should take priority over anything else! Over the past few years all I've seen is a disgraceful attitude towards our military.

When Julian Fantino was in charge of the Veteran's Affairs, all he did was argue with these people. Handing back some $1.1 billion of unused money. He had no right to do this, but unfortunately this situation has not been corrected. Veteran's offices were closed all over the country, I believe some have re-opened? The way we have treated our service personnel is disgraceful! Without question, they should be given top priority. I suggest the Federal government talk to them and pay attention to their plight. All of Canada owe these people a great debt. Not leaving them begging for some services they require for basic living; some are homeless, destitute, scrounging in food banks. I know lots of other needs to other people require acknowledgement, but it is up to the government to understand Canadian Veteran Affairs far better than it does. We need to show these veterans how much we appreciate what they have done and are still doing on our behalf. I trust that you all, like me will be writing and making contact with the Federal government on behalf of our treasured veterans.

Paul Collins



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