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Staff at VA hospital impressed Erie veteran: Letters to the editor

Erie Times-News - 7/7/2018

Dear Damian and Erie Veterans Affairs Medical Center upper management:

I was admitted recently to your urgent care center at the Erie VA Medical Center for treatment of a heart condition. Dr. Martin and Brian, the nurse, in conjunction with X-ray technician Matt and unseen lab technicians were outstanding in all of my heart tests. Your urgent care front desk employees Mary and Regina treated me also with kindness and respect before I was seen by medical professionals.

After the medical examination, Dr. Martin had me transferred via ambulance to Saint Vincent Hospital cardiology for very in-depth exams for my heart condition and from there I was treated until I was released on discharge to Erie VA Medical Center for my heart attack medication refill prescriptions. Your staffer Beth promptly addressed my condition to Dr. Paul and his team. Staff employee Regina was also there.

Your Saturday pharmacy staff were also outstanding in dispensing my supply of heart medications and were very caring, prompt and professional.

Lastly, I spoke over the telephone with nurse Lisa, David in scheduling and Jaimie for finalizing my upcoming medical appointment with my primary care provider Lydia Mehring. They are an exceptional team of dedicated staff members.

Our Erie Veterans Affairs Medical Center has truly become a top-tier health care facility in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Thank you so very much for providing me and my family of veterans and those in need your excellent service and top quality medical care.

Anthony Newcomb, Erie

Mike Kelly rightly objected

to talk of discrimination

What a shameful piece of trash the May 21 Our View editorial was. To accuse U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly of being divisive and racial when confronting Maxine Waters, the queen of such behavior, is atrocious. As if Kelly would have no insight to the issues at hand and would not be qualified to offer any rebuttal to Waters, or worse, that he should sit silently because he is not of the same racial makeup as her is a terrible point of view to put in print.

Take some time to research Waters and read the quotes that have made her so famous and then think about who is divisive. Everyone can see your mission to tear Kelly down as you prop up Ron DiNicola. I commend your transparency.

Daniel DeCoursey, Millcreek

Millcreek badly needs four

more stop signs on Koehler

Dear Millcreek Township supervisors: The residents on Koehler Road want you to know the Koehler Road drag strip is now open, better than ever, thanks to the resurfacing of Koehler Road. The speeds are much better.

All we ask for is four stop signs, two on Wintergreen Drive and two on Brooksboro Drive. They have two stop signs on Conrad Road to slow traffic down. They don't get half the traffic we do. It is ironic they have signs to slow down for geese crossing, but no signs for people crossing. We have kids, adults and dogs walking and running in the streets, even though we have sidewalks. Duh.

We know you guys are busy making people put trees in parking lots and making sure the signs are not too big and too tall in the gas stations. But we need the cars to slow down on Koehler Road. Maybe we can start a GoFundMe page to pay for four stop signs so you don't raise our taxes.

Gary Aldrich, Millcreek

Accountant urges passage

of new depreciation law

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, I am thrilled that the Pennsylvania Legislature passed Senate Bill 1056, a bill that provides an additional state tax deduction for depreciation.

While implementation of full bonus depreciation that matches federal law would have been too costly for the state, this fix will allow Pennsylvania companies to take a deduction for depreciation under IRC Sections 167 and 168, but will not allow the 168(k) bonus depreciation. Still, an incentive is now in place so that businesses can make investments in capital assets, which is a growth opportunity for them and should also increase the state's economic prosperity.

Prior to enactment, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue had issued a bulletin in late 2017 that disallowed this deduction, which made Pennsylvania the only state that fully disallowed depreciation on certain assets. This bulletin was issued in response to the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which expanded bonus depreciation to 100 percent for business assets placed in service between Sept. 28, 2017, and Dec. 31, 2022.

The PICPA thanks Sen. Michelle Brooks, of Mercer County, R-50th Dist., for sponsoring this bill and Rep. Frank Ryan, R-Lebanon County, sponsor of a companion bill in the House, for their leadership on this issue. The bill now awaits the governor's signature.

Stephen W. Christian, PICPA President, Philadelphia


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