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Naval program offers core values to young cadets

Hometown News: Melbourne, West Melbourne - 6/29/2018

BREVARD COUNTY ? Being a part of a program is an important experience for children and young adults. Some engage in sports or music, but there is also another option in Brevard, called the Sea Cadets.

The Sea Cadet program is a longstanding initiative designed and run by the U.S. Navy, with the intention to promote integrity and other core values in its members.

"Our staff strives to instill the Navy's Core Values of HONOR, COURAGE, and COMMITMENT," said Jeanne Parker, Confidence Division Communications Officer. "We teach the cadets (male and female, ages 10-18) to show honor and integrity in all that they say and do, to show courage in the face of adversity and strive to rise above any challenge they face, and we exemplify commitment - our commitment to them as their leaders, their commitment to each other, and most of all, our commitment to serve our community."

On June 9, the Sea Cadets program held its first annual awards ceremony, which is an evening held to honor cadets for their hard work and excellence throughout the year.

"[At the ceremony,] we were honored to have presenters from many branches of military service, as well as our keynote speaker, a retired World War II and Korean War Army veteran, who shared with our cadets what his military service has meant throughout his life," Mrs. Parker said.

One of the leading Cadets in the program, according to Mrs. Parker, is PO1 Gage Harrison.

"I have been most impressed with the growth and development of PO1 Gage Harrison over this part year," Mrs. Harrison said. "He is our ship's Leading Petty Officer, and has grown both as a leader and as a young man over this past year, serving as a mentor to our younger cadets. He is a Captain in our sailing program and was the recipient of our Best Mariner Award, the Sons of the American Revolution Award, and was chosen as our Sea Cadet of the Year."

The Sea Cadets program is focused on core values, life skills, and comradery that provides its participants with the tools needed to succeed in today's world.

"In this day and age, our adolescents are faced with challenges in every facet of life, as they are faced with peer pressure, violence, the constant presence of social media, and constant negativity in the news," Mrs. Parker explained. "Our cadets are encouraged to look beyond these negative influences and bring those Navy Core Values to the world around them. Our Operations Team works diligently to keep our cadets fit and healthy through physical fitness, [and] our Training Team comes together to teach the cadets real life skills, military history, and leadership. Our cadets [also] have the opportunity to attend summer training contingents where they can experience training that covers all aspects of military careers, from culinary, to medical, to special ops.

"Many of the cadets I have had the pleasure of working with over the years have gone on to military service, but service is never an expectation," Mrs. Parker added. "The skills taught are life skills that any young man or woman can bring with them into their chosen career path."

For more information about the Sea Cadets program, visit www.seacadets.org/join.


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